Prelude is the name of a Honda car produced since 1978.This second generation of Preludes was designed to demonstrate Honda's technological sophistication. The name is derived from the traditional music form of the Prelude.

Preludes are automobiles produced by Honda.Production has been continuous for 40 years.Prelude is a type of musical composition.In the second generation of Preludes, there was an emphasis on Honda's technological sophistication.

In spite of its small size, the Prelude sports 127 horsepower and a sporty appearance.With a 0-60 time of 7 seconds, it is comparable with other Honda models such as the CRX, Civic and Accord.The MPG is not as great as many other cars because of its advanced engine with four valves per cylinder.Nevertheless, if you are looking for a fast car that has a lot of technology, this would be the perfect choice.The Accord has 160 horsepower less than the Prelude, however it can reach higher speeds, and both earn the same MPG.Speed is important to you, so the Prelude is the best choice, but if gas is more important, then the Accord is the best choice.

A Honda Prelude has 75 fewer horsepower than a Honda Civic.On the other hand, Honda made huge changes to the new Civic, giving it very good MPG rates.Because the Prelude is smaller than the Civic, it is faster, but also harder to maneuver.For speed, get a Prelude, however for the best gas mileage, grab a Civic! Prelude Prelude.civic!civic! If you want a small and fast car, then either of these two is a good option. The horsepower between the two cars is about the same, though they are very different so a head to head comparison is not possible.CRX are two-door coupes with three more MPGs on gas than Prelude and more horsepower than Prelude expect higher RPMs (Revolutions per minute).

.It is only a tiny bit more expensive to purchase the Prelude than the S2000. Prelude vs S2000Did you know that Honda built a car named S 2000?.A targa convertible with just two doors and 280 horsepower was an impressive ride!


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