Greetings!.You just found out you're having a girl! How exciting!.The soon-to-be mothers wonder what labor will be like at this point and wonder whether they've stocked up enough in anticipation.The name of your little angel will clearly be one of the most important decisions you will need to make soon.

There are 235 girls' names in Japan.

Although you may be overwhelmed by the number of names, you may find the perfect Japanese name for your baby girl among these names.


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Why Choose A Japanese Name For Your Baby Girl?

You might be wondering why you should choose a Japanese name for your little girl.Japanese girl names typically have a deep meaning.

Your hopes and dreams for your child's future can be revealed by a Japanese name.A girl named Charisma, for example, can also have a name with the meaning 'brightness' in Japanese.Your baby girl's name has a unique meaning, and it may even tell the story of who she will become as she grows up.

Choosing a name for your child will also have a significant impact on their future, so we curated over 200 Japanese names for girls.Every one will have its own meaning, and you might even find one that you like.When you come across any Japanese names for girls that you like, make sure to note them down so you won't forget them.

235 Japanese Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Which of these Japanese baby names with meanings is your favorite?

We hope this list of Japanese baby girl names with meanings helps and inspires you in choosing the best name for your daughter.The number of options is not overwhelming, so don't be intimidated.Pick out the ones you like most to choose for your baby girl!

Each of these Japanese girl names has its meaning listed next to it so you can decide whether you like how it sounds or how much you like the meaning associated with it.

.Let's begin!

Japanese baby girl names


AhmyaBlack rain
AiaOne who is famous, ruler of the house
AikaLove song
Aikolove, affection
AinuGoddess of fertility; human-like
AkaneMadder; red dye
AkariLight; brightness
AkiSparkle; Autumn; bright; clear; morning sun; smart; a short form of name Akira
AkikoClear, crystal or bright; sparkling and beautiful autumn season
AkiraBright, clear and intelligent being
AsamiMorning beauty
AsugaSwift like a wind
AsukaPerfume or the fragrance of tomorrow
AyaAn angel who knows magic
AyakaA coloured flower; scented
AyameIris; the one who can see perfectly
AyaneA colourful sound; they are wonderful
AyekaThey have a quick and analytical mind
BashiraJoyful; predictor of good news
ChiakiSparkling light
ChihiroThousand springs
ChikaFilled with wisdom and intellect
ChizueLong life or endurance or durability
ChoButterfly; a flying insect that feasts on nectar
ChoukoButterfly; an insect that feeds on the nectar of flowers
ChuyaSomething that is pure and clear like water
EmiA smile that is beautiful and picturesque
EmicaCharming or blessed and beautiful
EmikoA prosperous and beautiful child
EtsudoJoy and child
FujiRefers to prosperous objective or flourishing opinion
FumikoAcademic or intellectual
HaiaNimble; quick
HanaFlower, blossom
HanaeBlossom; flower; blessing; favour
HanakoFlower, blossom
HanamiFlower viewing, flowery, beauty
HaruhiSpring day; blooming and flowering
HarumiSpring; beauty; clear weather
HatsukoFirstborn child
HatsumomoFirstborn peach
HikariLight; shining brilliance
HinataSunflower; facing the sun; sunny place
HiroAbundant; generous; tolerant; prosperous
HirokoRich child; magnanimous, generous child
HisaLong-lasting; everlasting; from a long story
HisanoLong-lasting; everlasting; from a long story; open plain; a variant of Hisa
JulieanneLoyal, honest and kind. They are noble and have the urge to live a long life with peace
JunkoSincere child; obedient, genuine, pure
KaidaLittle dragon
KanaThe One who has the power, powerful
KasumiMist, mystical
KatanaHonorable or sword
KaydaLooks like a little dragon
KayoThe beautiful generation
KazaneThe sound that the wind makes
KeikoChild that is celebrated and respected
KeonPure beauty
KerriannYellow Japanese rose
KiariaA lot of fortune
KimiBeautiful story
KimikoValuable child
KiokoShe who shares the happiness with the world
KirikaNatural beauty
KitiaraBlade from the North
KiwaShe is born on the borderline
KiyokoA pure and clean child
KogeScented flower
KoharuLate Summer
KozueChinese Black Pine, a tree
KumiForever beautiful
KumikoCompanion child
KuraTreasure house
MachikoA fortunate child
MaekoThe child of truth
MaemiA truthful smile
MahoOne who always tells the truth, an honest person
MaiA person who dances with great grace
MaikoA child that has a love for dancing
MaiyaRice valley
MakairaOne who brings happiness
MakikoA child of the one who is true
MakoA woman who is grateful and truthful
MamehaName of the Geisha
MamikoShe who is a daughter of the sea
MaoA real and genuine girl
MarikoA genuine person
MarriA ball, an elegant dance party
MasaeOne who is blessed with elegance
MasakoA truthful, honest child
MasamiOne who will become beautiful
MasumiA woman of true purity and beauty
MayukoA child of Mayu
MayumiA girl of true beauty
MichikoThe child with fantastic knowledge
MidoriOne of the colours, green
MieThree-way division
MiekoThe brightness of the light
MihokoChild of shielded loveliness
MikanOrange or tangerine
MikasaA Nara Word that means three hats of Bamboo, also means “to resolve"
MikuA beautiful sky, also means a beautiful time
MinakoA beautiful child, an apple tree
MinamiThe one who lived in the south region, one who is from South
MioA beautiful cherry blossom, or a beautiful thread
MiraiThe future, the time that yet to come
MisaA beautiful bud or a beautiful sand
MisakiThe beautiful newly-grown flower
MisakoA fascinating child, beautiful sea or sand
MitsuA shiny reflection, a reflection of a shine
MitsueA shining light, a bright ray
MitsukiThe gracious moon, the beauty of moon
MiuA beautiful feather
MiwaA beauty or harmony, also means three rings
MiyaA sacred house, a beautiful temple
MiyahA sacred temple
MiyuA beautiful truth, or a beautiful gentleness
MizukiThe beautiful and pleasant moon, an auspicious hope
MoeA German reference to “Mother Mary"; the holy virgin, an unmarried girl
MomijiRed leaves also referred to the maple tree
MomokaHundreds of flowers
MomokoNumerous children, or hundreds of peaches
MorikaA fragrance of the forest
MorikoA child that hails from the forest
NagiA calm or a lull person
NamieBlessings or little help
NanakoThe child of the greens
NanamiSeven seas or beautiful green vegetables
NaokoRespectful and submissive child
NaraExtraordinary blossom from paradise, superior floret from dreamland.
NarikoA gentle or a soft child
NatsukiGreen colour fruits or plants or vegetables or a bright moon
NatsukoThe one who was born in the summer time.
NatsumiThe one who makes summer season as pretty
NeSound or a musical instrument
NikaioWho belongs to Daimyo, Japan
NisbettReliable, dependable, trustworthy
NoriThe person who is resembling good moralities and principalities.
NorikoCommandments, instructions, rules, regulations
NoritaTradition, law, act, decree
NozomiReliable, dependable, trustworthy
NyokoCombination of two Sanskrit words “Moha" means infatuation and “Mad" means intoxicated. Thus, it means intoxicated in infatuation
OishiAn excellent personality
OkemiaA variant of Cornelia that means a war horn; also the mercy or pity
OkiThe champion in all the fields, a master
OkimiThe bright shining light
RanAn orchid flower
ReiA beautiful and lovely bell
RieBlessing; value; a variant form of Ria
RiekoBlessed benefit child
RikkaDominant ruler; rich powerful ruler
RikkuDominant ruler; rich powerful ruler
RikoA daughter of the jasmine
RiniOne who is like a little sweet bunny
RumiA beauty of the lapus lazuli
RuqaOne who is a bright blue flower
RyokoA woman who is like the dragon
SachikoThe child of good luck and happiness
SadaThe woman who is the pure one
SadakoThe child that is chaste and of integrity
SaekoA serene child
SaiJapanese name meaning paint
SaiuaA name which means a ripe fruit
SakaiTo live in prosperity
SakiA blossom of new hope
SakuraA woman who is like a cherry blossom
SakurakoA child of the cherry blossom
SaoriColor of sand
SaoryA nicely woven cloth
SatokoChild of Sato
SatsukiFifth month, May
SayakaA clear one
SayuaOne who is swift and fast like an arrow
SeikaPure summer
SeikoA child that is sincere
SeirenA refined star, a smelt star
ShigekoA child that has everything it needs
ShikaA gentle deer
ShikoA woman made of stone
ShiniquaA woman who is a victor
ShinoA woman who is like a stem of bamboo
ShinonReferring to a type of flower, Aster tataricus. The meaning of the flower is remembrance
ShionA person who remembers, one who does not forget
ShioriTo be a guide
ShokoA little child who is auspicious
ShynahShe is a victor
SoraShe is like the sky
SuekoShe who is the youngest child in the family
SukiA beloved woman
SumikoShe is a beautiful child of goodness
SumireA lovely violet
SunakoThe sand child or the dark side
SushiA Japanese dish of specially prepared vinegared rice
TakaTall, honourable peregrine
TakakoChild who is an aristocrat
TakaraA piece to cherish, a jewel
TakarraPrecious item, precious one
TakiPlunging waterfall
TamamiA woman who is a beautiful gem or jewel
TamikoA child of great beauty
TamiquaJapanese name meaning “people"
TamuraJapanese name meaning rice village
TaneyJapanese name meaning valley
TareeA branch that is bending
TatsuoA female dragon
TauraMany lakes or rivers
TomoIntelligence or a knowledge of a person
TomoeA blessing in the form of a friend
TomokoA friendly or a knowing child
TonicaTo the people, something to the race
ToraA tigress
ToshikoAn ancient or valued child
TsubameAccept or believe
TsubasaRefers to section or extension.
TsunadeOne who is like the young thunder; confident
TsuruStork greeting for a long last life
YumiA beautiful archery bow