The molar mass of sulfur dioxide is 64.1 g/mol because the molar mass of sulfur is 32.1 g/mol and the molar mass of oxygen is 16.0 g/mol.

Name of moleculeSulfur dioxide
Bond Angles119 degrees
Molecular Geometry of SO2Trigonal planar
Hybridization of SO2sp2 hybridization
No Valence Electrons in the molecule18
SO2 Polar or NonpolarPolar
The dipole moment of SO21.61 debye
molar mass for sulfur dioxide 64.1 g/mol

Sulfur dioxide molar mass

Molar mass of Sulfur =32.066 g/mol.O2 molar mass = 16.00 x 2 = 32.00 g/mol.Molar mass of SO2 = 64.066g/mol

Polarity of SO2 molecule

In SO2 molecules, the electronegative potential of oxygen is higher than that of sulfur. As a result, oxygen exerts a stronger pull on sulfur dioxide’s covalent bonds. The side of the molecule containing both oxygen atoms is somewhat negatively charged. Whereas, the portion which has the sulfur atom has a slightly positive charge. This makes SO2 a polar molecule.In addition, the unbonded electrons on the sulfur and oxygen create repulsion between atoms.This is another cause of the polarity of the sulfur dioxide molecule.


Key Points

Similarities between Sulfur and Oxygen atoms

Dissimilarities between oxygen and sulfur

Two allotropic forms3 allotropic forms
Gas at ordinary temperatureSolid at ordinary temperature
Sparingly soluble in waterNot soluble in water
Helps in combustionCombustible itself
Paramagnetic in naturediamagnetic in nature
Does not react with waterWhen steam is passed through boilingsulfur, a little hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide is formed.
Does not react with acidsIt is readily oxidized by concentrated sulfuric acid or nitric acid.

Sulfur dioxide Effects on Humans

Sulfur dioxide is a toxic gas that can be harmful to one’s health.It can irritate the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs.Its excessive amounts might irritate and induce inflammation in the respiratory system.Sulfur dioxide emissions in the atmosphere can result in the formation of additional sulfur oxides (SOx).Small particles can develop when SOx reacts with other chemicals in the environment.These tiny particles can penetrate far into the lungs and, in large enough quantities, can cause health issues.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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1. How many lone pairs of electrons are present in SO2 lewis structure?

In the SO2 lewis structure, there are two double bonds between the sulfur and oxygen atoms. Sulfur atoms have one lone pair, while Oxygen atoms have two.

2. What is the biggest source of SO2?

Burning fossil fuels are the largest source of SO2 in the atmosphere.

So2 ionic or covalent ?

Because sulfur and oxygen are both non-metals, the formation of sulfur dioxide is a covalent bonding process. Two oxygen atoms encircle the sulfur atom in the middle.