Statistics are not easy to follow in football.A key offensive stat that many fans struggle to understand is receptions.

Receiving is also known as catching in football and occurs whenever a player catches a forward pass behind the line of scrimmage.

Wide receivers and tight ends rank high in receptions.In an offense, this statistic and receiving yards provide key indicators of the effectiveness of the player.

When a player's total receptions are shown, they are usually referring to the total passes that they have caught throughout their career.

The reception can also play a major role in some fantasy football formats.This refers to the points per reception format.As a result of this style of fantasy, players receive points for every pass that they catch.

Additionally, half PPR formats reward players for catching balls with a half point.This league values receptions as a major factor in players' fantasy output.

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Reading The Stats

When looking at football statistics, you'll most likely find receptions under the acronym rec.

There are a lot of acronyms in football statistics, often leaving the reader uncertain what they are reading.

The term rec in football statistics refers to a player catching a forward pass.

Which Positions Get The Most Receptions

You may wonder now that you know what reception means what position tends to generate this statistic.

Wide Receivers

The wide receiver position is the position where most receptions are made.As a result of these players' specialty in catching passes, receiving receptions are likely to be plentiful.

Each year, wide receivers make up more than half of the top ten receivers.Having 100 receptions during a season is indicative of a great NFL season for a wide receiver.

Tight End

The tight end is another position that receives a lot of passes.These players are involved in blocking as well as receiving.

QBs often use these players to provide safety and allow them to accumulate a number of receptions.

Sometimes, the tight end serves as the team's primary receiver.As a result of the low depth of this target, this can result in a greater number of potential targets.

They are known for being consistent in catching the ball.Due to this, as well as their short routes, many of their targets are caught and result in receptions.

In the 2020 season, two tight ends are listed among the top ten receivers.


Running backs are also going to earn themselves some receptions this season.

Runningbacks carry the ball mostly via handoffs from the quarterback.Runningbacks are receiving more passes as the NFL transforms into a pass-friendly league.

Some running back styles, like third-down backs, are noted for their ability to catch the ball.This means that these players will have a much higher proportion of touches which are catches rather than carries.

Are Lateral Passes Receptions?

Football fans often wonder if catching a lateral pass qualifies as receiving a pass.

In this case, catching a lateral pass will not result in a reception.Catching a lateral pass is considered the same thing as receiving a pass.

The player who catches a lateral pass will thus be credited with a carry.Also, this means they'll earn rushing yards for all yards gained on the play instead of receiving yards.