Tupac Shakur's fans claim that his last song implies he would fake his death.

Tupac may have hinted at his continued living in the 2002 album "Better Dayz".

Tupac mentions coming back from the dead in his final song from his eight and final album.

The lyrics of the song were: "Expect me like you expect Jesus back."

Almost six years after being shot in a drive-by in Las Vegas, his album came out.

Since his death, several "sightings" of the rapper have occurred.

Makaveli, a reference to the philosopher Niccol* Machiavelli, was Tupac's name before his 1996 death.

Machiavelli proposed that deceiving enemies might consist of making everyone think that you have died.

Many people think Makaveli is an anagram for Makalive.

There are conspiracy theorists that believe the rapper faked his own death; others believe he is in prison or in Cuba.


Tupac may have worn a bullet-proof vest when he was shot, according to conspiracy theories.

A bullet-proof vest was a staple of Tupac's style in Los Angeles.

It appeared from a video of that night that he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

This claim has yet to be supported by solid evidence.

There is a conspiracy theory that describes Tupac as being imprisoned in Los Angeles.

It appears that prison records from 2017 to 2019 match up with the rapper's identity.

A fake name and date of birth can, however, be given by anyone when they're arrested.



While on a holiday before Tupac died, Senge told Tupac that he attempted to fake his own death.

In the Showtime documentary American Dream / American Knightmare, Pac remarked: "We were on Maui, you know what I mean, and he had never been there before."

"And then he got to talking about faking his own death."

Pac was a lot more down for the last videos/s*** of him dying in the white, you know what I'm sayin', with Redd Foxx and everyone else like that."